Follow these handy hints to keep your gorgeous new swimsuit
looking fresh for many summer seasons to come!

1 rinse

After wearing be sure to rinse your swimsuit in fresh, cold water.
This will help maintain your swimsuit's colour and shape, and will
help get rid of any excess sunscreen, oil, salt, or sand that can end up damaging the fabric.

2 drain & refill

After rinsing, drain and refill the sink with warm water. Add a dash of gentle liquid detergent, or even a
small amount of shampoo (a useful tip when you're on holiday!).

3 rinse

Rinse your swimsuit once more thoroughly with cool water and then gently squeeze any excess water out.

4 air dry

Dry your swimsuit inside-out, and away from direct sunlight.

If you wish to machine wash your swimsuit then please use a gentle cycle with a maximum of 30ºC (approximately 86ºF). Avoid using bleach or other harsh chemicals which may fade the fabric's colour, and always dry your swimsuit naturally to maintain its shape, size and colour.